How do I know if I'm purchasing the right Wheel Adapter or Spacer?

  • Wheel Adapters/Spacers are displayed in the format "_ x ___ to _ x ___"  The first part is the vehicle bolt pattern, the second is the wheel bolt pattern.
  • A wheel adapter that shows "5x4.5" to 5x5.5" means that it will fit a vehicle with a pattern of 5x4.5", and fit a wheel with a bolt pattern of 5x5.5".
  • If you are not sure about your order call us at: (909) 245-4596.

How do I know which bolt pattern I need?

  • For Stock/OEM Rims that haven't been modified please use this reliable tool: wheel-size.com
  • Aftermarket rims must be manually measured by you or your local trusted tire shop.

    Contact us for help.

    Please give us as much details as possible for faster response.

How many spacers/adapters are in the listing?

  • Our listings are for a set of 2 spacers/adapters. If you need 4 spacers/adapters in total, you will need to add 2 to your quantity.

What material are the adapters/spacers made of?

  • Our wheel adapters/spacers are made of our strong aircraft grade billet aluminum 6061-t6. 

What is the stud grade on your wheel adapters/spacers?

  • 10.9 Studs for superior strength and hardness. Grade 10.9 studs are made from high-strength alloy steel, providing excellent durability and resistance to deformation.

    What is your turn around time after placing the order?

    • Our turn around time is 1-4 business days after placing your order. Time depends on quantity, thickness, and custom requests if applicable. 
    (in rare occasions times may vary)
    • 3/4" - 2" inch / 3, 4, 5, 6 lug wheel adapters/spacers = 1-2 business days
    • 2"- 4" inch / 3, 4, 5, 6 lug wheel adapters/spacers = 3-4 business days
    • 3/4" - 2.5" inch / 8 & 10 lug wheel adapters/spacers = 2-3 business days
    • 2.5" - 4" inch / 8 &10 lug wheel adapters/spacers = 4-6 business days
    ( custom made wheel adapters 1-7 business days depending on project )

    How do you Install Wheel Adapters/Spacers?

    Do you supply hardware for the Wheel Adapters / Spacers?

    • Yes! We supply our lug nuts for your adapters so you don't have to worry about getting the right height, or going really thick on your adapters to accommodate your lug nuts, etc.

      ** EXCEPT 5/8 ** $3/EACH

      Use dropdown menu accordingly.

      Lug Nuts : To attach adapters to the vehicle

      Studs : Studs on adapter

    How thick do I have to go?

    • Most customers prefer going as thick as the stud length on the vehicle to avoid trimming them, on average vehicles have a 1.25" stud length, but do your own measurement as we can't confirm this. These are made to order and not returnable, make sure you do your research.

      Thank you!

      Contact Us for Support!

    Why hasn't my item shipped out yet?

    • We typically take 1-3 business days to ship out your items. In some occasions upon custom requests, shipping times may vary.

      Business Hours / Manufacturing
      Monday to Friday
      8:00am - 3:30pm

      Orders placed on Thursday or Friday will be shipped out the following week.

    Why don't you offer refunds?

    • We are a manufacturing company and make these. We build everything according to what YOU order. Please carefully go over the listing details of your product before ordering. If your adapters don't fit for not doing your research, it is your responsibility and we can't be held liable. Any defect or incorrect manufacturing is replaceable.

    What is your return policy?

    • We make high-quality wheel adapters and spacers but they are non-returnable unless they are defective or built incorrectly. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer error. It is recommended to research before placing an order. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. 

    What is your cancellation policy?

    • You have 12 hours, or the next business day to cancel your order.
    • If we don't receive an email, phone call, or voicemail we will begin manufacturing process.
    • Under most circumstances once the manufacturing process has started the order cannot be cancelled.